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Webinar: Introduction to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 in the Enterprise

This webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to supporting Nokia Lumia Window Phone 8 in an enterprise, inlcuding the potential benefits of Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 enterprise features for your business users, and options when implementing the features. 

The course is useful for planning Windows Phone 8 support in your organization. The course also provides the prerequisite knowledge for in-depth courses on each Windows Phone 8 enterprise feature.

Target audience
  • Enterprise IT management and support
  • Nokia channel partners: technical pre-sales, deployment, and technical customer service
  • Enterprise app developers

Training material

To find the training materials used in the course, click the download link on this page.  

The webinar recording is available here.

Questions and Answers

Microsoft Office ®, Outlook, Excel, Sharepoint, Internet Explorer, and OneNote

Question Answer
Is the Office version on Windows Phone 8 phones Office 13? Windows Phone is not (currently) tied to any named release of Microsoft Office.
Is it possible to configure two Outlook Accounts from separate organizations on the same phone?

Yes.  For more information about configuring Outlook for Lumia, see:

If a user opens a PDF received in an email, are they redirected to a free PDF reader app download in the store? Yes.
If a user opens a PDF received in email, browses to a PDF with IE, or opens a PDF file in the Office Hub or in SkyDrive, they are redirected to a free PDF reader app download in the store.
Can I open .csv files with Excel Mobile? No.
When opening a .csv file (in email, Office Hub or SkyDrive) the user is asked to download an app from the store.
What could be wrong if I get an error when connecting with Windows Phone 8 to the external address of my on-premises Sharepoint? This is probably a UAG issue. This TechNet blog post may help.
Does Windows Phone 8 support web proxy exceptions such as WM6.5? No.
Proxy exceptions are not supported for Internet Explorer.
How can you delete notes from OneNote on the WP8 device? Open the saved note, tap (...) on the bottom right and tap Delete.

Microsoft Lync

Question Answer
If an enterprise already supports Lync Mobile 2010, what changes are required to support Lync Mobile 2013? Lync Server 2010 supports Lync Mobile 2010, but not Lync Mobile 2013.

To support Lync Mobile 2013 you must deploy Lync Server 2013 with the February 2013 Cumulative Updates for Lync Server 2013

For more information, see Migration from Lync Server 2010 to Lync Server 2013 on Microsoft TechNet.

Does Lync Mobile 2013 support push notifications? Yes, both Lync Mobile 2010 and Lync Mobile 2013 support push notifications. 

The Lync admin can enable Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS) for Lync on the server side. With MPNS the Lync app can be awakened when the Lync Server has information to send to the Lync client, for example an IM message.

For information on push notifications see Configuring for Push Notifications on Microsoft TechNet.

Does Lync Mobile 2013 work on Nokia Lumia 920? Lync Mobile 2013 works on all Windows Phone 8 devices, as long as the back-end (Lync Server) has been correctly configured. 

To support Lync Mobile 2013, you must have Lync Server 2013 with the February 2013 Cumulative Updates for Lync Server 2013. For more details see Microsoft Lync Server 2013 on Microsoft TechNet.

Does Lync Mobile run in the background? No, the Lync Mobile client on Windows Phone 8 does not run in the background. 

When you exit the app, for example by pressing the home button, the Lync app goes into a suspended state and can no longer communicate with the Lync Server. 

However, the Lync admin can enable Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS) for Lync to circumvent this issue. With MPNS the Lync app can be awakened when the Lync Server has information to send to the Lync client, for example an IM message.

Does Lync Mobile 2010 support Wi-Fi when abroad?

For IM and chat, yes.

For voice, if the user calls using Lync Enterprise voice, the Lync server establishes the call (the phone receives a call).

Lync 2013 mobile apps for Windows Phone 8 also supports VoIP and video over IP.

Does Lync Mobile 2010 not use VoIP? Does it cause normal call charges? Lync Mobile 2010 does not use currently use VoIP.

However, call charges depend on how the user makes the call:

  • If they choose to call a contacts mobile number, normal mobile call charges apply. 
  • If they have Lync Enterprise Voice enabled, their company's Lync service will actually call their phone. The charges incurred to the company depend on the least cost routing the company has implemented in Lync Enterprise Voice.

For more information on using Lync with your Nokia Lumia, see:


Managing data and files

Question Answer
What is MTP sync? Does it require Zune Software? MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol.

This is the mechanism used when a user connects a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 phone to their computer with a USB cable, and move or copy files between their computer and the media and document folders on the phone.

Most users will recognize this as "mass memory" mode, although technically MTP does not expose the phone the same way as an USB memory stick. Zune Software is not needed, nor supported with Windows Phone 8 phones.

Can users store office documents on an SD card? Office documents cannot be saved to the memory card.

For more information about securely storing documents and using memory cards, see Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Security highlights.

Is Windows Phone 8 supported by IBM Lotus Domino Server? There is no built-in support, but you can check the Store for a third-party app.

For more information about planned support for IBM Lotus Domino Server, see IBM Lotus Notes Traveler support with Windows Phone.

Can I create new documents on Sharepoint or Skydrive using the phone? You can save documents you have open on the phone to SkyDrive (Save As). You can save back changes to documents you have opened from Sharepoint, but cannot save a document opened from another source.

For information on using SkyDrive to securely save documents, see the Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Security highlights.

For information on using SharePoint with Nokia Lumia, see Microsoft SharePoint resource hub.

Can I view SMS messages that have been backed up? Nokia Lumia does not have an interface for viewing SMS messages synced (backed-up) to the cloud.

However, if you sign in with another Windows Phone 8 device using the same Microsoft Account, your synced SMS messages appear on the new device.
Is Data Sense available across the Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 range? The Data Sense app works with all Nokia Lumia wiht Windows Phone 8 devices, but Data Sense availability depends on the country and operator.

For more information, see Use Data Sense to monitor data usage on Windows Phone 8.


Mobile device management (MDM)

Question Answer
Do Windows Phone 8 phones work with third-party MDM solutions? Third-party MDM vendors can build support for Windows Phone 8 into their solutions.

The Enterprise Device Management Protocol for Windows Phone 8 is public and defines which actions are supported by Windows Phone 8. 

MDM vendors may choose to support the full protocol, or portions of the protocol.

When evaluating a 3rd party solution, icnluding how they support the Windows Phone 8 device management protocol, please contact the vendor in question directly or visit their website.

Can the Enterprise Device Management Protocol for Windows Phone 8 also be used to manage other mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android? No.

The Enterprise Device Management Protocol for Windows Phone 8 is designed for only managing Windows Phone 8 devices.

However, this protocol is based on an open standard, OMA DM protocol v1.2, which can be used as the base for the MDM protocols used by other mobile platforms. For more information about the MDM protocols for other mobile platforms, contact the mobile platform vendor in question.

What features of the Windows Phone 8 full MDM will be available in MDM solutions?

This depends on each MDM solution vendor, not all MDM solutions support all features. The published Windows Phone 8 MDM protocol defines what actions are supported by Windows Phone 8.

When evaluating a MDM solution, you can check which of the protocol features they have implemented.
Are there any additional charges for a company installing their own MDM system? For enterprise application distribution, the company needs a yearly Enterprise Mobile Code Signing certificate from Symantec.

Other than that, the charges depend on the licensing model of the MDM solution the company is using.
What Exchange Server version is needed for pushing Exchange ActiveSync policies to Windows Phone 8 devices? Windows Phone 8 supports the Exchange ActiveSync protocol with Exchange Server (Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and later).

While there may be some differences with Exchange 2003 SP2, the configuration affecting phone policy is the same from Exchange 2007 onwards.

For information about the EAS protocol, see Windows Phone 8 Exchange ActiveSync Overview from Microsoft. 

Can Windows Intune be used to manage Windows Phone 8 devices? Yes, Windows Intune supports Windows Phone 8 device management.

For more information see:

What Windows Phone 8-specific configuration must be done in Intune to manage the devices? The admin must add users to Intune and then configure and deploy a policy that Windows Phone 8 devices support.

For more information see Intune 2012 for Nokia with Windows Phone - IT Manager guide.

Can the Microsoft Company Hub app (ssp.xap) be customized by an enterprise? No, the Microsoft Company Hub app functionality cannot be modified by enterprises.


For more information, see:

Is it mandatory to use company apps with Windows Intune? Windows Intune, like many MDM solutions, can be used to deploy Company Apps, but Intune is not limited to managing Company Apps and you do not need to use a Company Apps with Intune.


You can Windows Intune simply for pushing security policies to devices.

However, in order for Windows Phone 8 devices to be able to enroll to Intune, the necessary code-signing certificate for the enterprise apps must be uploaded to the Windows Intune service. This must be done even if company apps will not be distributed.

For a detailed discussion on the Company Apps concept, see Application management in Nokia: Getting the most from Company Apps


For more information on Mobile Device and Application Management, see:



Question Answer
Does Windows Phone 8 accept self-signed certificates? Yes.

If you use self-signed certificates, the best practice is to install your private CA root certificate on the phone. If the phone encounters an invalid certificate, the user can choose to continue on a warning screen.

For more information, see Using certificates for securing business.

Does Windows Phone 8 support S/MIME? No.
Does Windows Phone 8 support VPN? Windows Phone 8 has no support for IPSec-based VPN connections. However, users can access intranet apps using the web browser through SSL VPN gateways. For more information, see SSL-VPN guide for Nokia Lumia phones.
In addition to BitLocker, does Windows Phone 8 support any other full-memory encryption mechanisms such as PGP? No.
Can we use a picture password on the lock screen as in Windows 8? Picture passwords are not supported. The lock screen password can be numeric or alphanumeric (if set by policy).

For more information on using passwords, see the Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Secure your phone video. 

Why do Windows Phone 8 devices need encryption if they already have the secure boot feature? The secure boot and device encryption in Windows Phone 8 are separate security features, designed for different purposes:
  • The secure boot ensures that only an authorized OS from Microsoft can boot. This prevents the running of a user-modified OS in a Windows Phone 8 device.
  • The device encryption encrypts all data in the mass memory and prevents anyone from accessing that data in case a phone is lost or stolen.
If a Windows Phone 8 device is left unencrypted, how easy is it for someone to access the mass memory contents? Without encryption, the user data in the mass memory is stored in plain text format, and may be accessible to people with the correct tools and knowledge.

For comments on the ease of access to unencrypted mass memory, please contact Microsoft.

Are there differences in the security of on-premises Sharepoint and Office 365 Sharepoint? When the user manually adds a Sharepoint site to their Windows Phone 8 device, they can enable TLS/SSL protection by entering "https" to the site address. The user can disable the use of TLS/SSL by typing "http" entering the site address.


When configuring a Sharepoint site as a part of an Office 365 account, TLS/SSL configuration is automatic.

Are there limitations in what apps and features can be added to the Kid's Corner? Can enterprise features be added there? There are no restrictions regarding what apps can be added or used in Kid’s corner outside of the inbox apps that cannot be added (Games, Help + Tips, Internet Explorer, Messaging, Office, OneNote, People, Phone, Settings, Store, Wallet).


Question Answer
Does the Amber update for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 devices bring enhancements for Company apps? No, the Nokia Lumia Amber update does not include enterprise-specific enhancements.

Improvements to Windows Phone 8 enterprise features will be delivered in the Enterprise feature pack for Windows Phone 8 that is planned for early 2014.

Do you know anything about the issue that after the Amber update the live tiles are not updating and updates are no longer available? This has been resolved in GDR3.

Users must wait until it is released by their Mobile Operator or install the developer preview.

The download for the Dev preview is available here.


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